Thursday, February 25. Clinic Day Work

Early in the morning we go running around the island. We see F, a retarded girl who we know had been raped years ago. We had heard that she had been raped for a second time last year and that she was pregnant. We inquire about her baby and they tell us that she was very ill during her pregnancy and her baby died at a hospital in Les Cayes. She looks more quite than ever and she is definitively a sad girl now. Xavier notices that she has some king of rush and asks her to come to the clinic later today.

We go to the clinic for a day work. There are 17 patients waiting. Among the illnesses treated today are two cases of malaria (diagnosed with the microscope), a broken wrist, baby dehydration, bad cases of skin allergies, fishermen with hand cuts, old people with hypertension, heart conditions and general weakness, and two cases of asthma.

F comes to the clinic and I cannot get a smile from her, not by giving her chocolates or by showing her the pictures I take of her. In the past she had always reacted very happily to both things.

Xavier asks Surzie, the nurse in charge of the clinic, if she has ever talked to F's mother about the possibility of having her take contraceptives. Surzie says she has talked to F's mom and she agreed to have her protected from more unwanted pregnancies. We get a pregnancy test to make sure she is not pregnant before setting her on a course of contraceptives

The clinic is well stoked with medicament, we just noticed that they are lacking some basic supplies (batteries for the stethoscopes, lancets to draw blood, etc)

In the afternoon we touch basis with the school administrators, Alexy and Marie Anne. We have organized a meeting with parents and teachers for tomorrow Friday.

We are also contacting all organizations we know who are currently trying to help Ile a Vache to see if by coordinating efforts to become more efficient. On Saturday we will visit Seur Flora in Madam Bernard and on Tuesday we have a clinic at Cay A'Leau.

Another project we are trying to get started during this visit is the water purification. We have enlisted a couple of good local workers who are currently unemployed to build two prototypes of slow sand filters.

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