Saturday, February 27th. Madam Bernard.

Last night there was extremely heavy rain and our thoughts went again to those living in tents.
We set running early in the morning to Madam Bernard (a 2 hour walk distance) to talk to Seur Flora. She runs an orphanage with 65 children, 20 of which are severely handicapped. She also runs a school for 400 children and a clinic. She is a remarkable, tiny, Canadian nun who has been working in Ile a Vache for the past 22 years.
On the way to Madam Bernard we stop at every village with a school to talk to the principals. We are gathering information and making contacts in order to better know the resources in the island and see if we can join efforts in the future.
Seur Flora updates us on her establishment. She says that around 100 children from PAP who have lost their parents have arrived in Ile a Vache. They are mostly living with local families but they all attend her school and she feeds them. She received food supplies by helicopters from the international help plan working at PAP, and she is being supported by CRS and USAID Haiti. We exchange information about the running of the schools, books and medication purchasing. We give her a $1,000 donation,
We run fast on our way back because ominous clouds are gathering. We arrive at Port Morgan right when the sky seems to be falling over our heads. It has been torrential rain for most of the day today. We had leaks in the room and it is impossible to see ten feet away. We have heard that Les Cayes is flooded. We cannot start imagining what is going on with the displaced people in the main island.

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