Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010. Back to Miami

We are going back to Miami today. The boat from the hotel takes us to Le Cayes where we meet the guy who took Xavier and the ill baby to the hospital on the motorcycle. He says that he went back to the hospital to inquire about the baby because he was very happy having been able to help. He says that he had never used his motorcycle service as an ambulance. He tells us that the baby seems to be recovering.
We have been able to arrange to go on a five-seat plane from Les Cayes to PAP. The plane belongs to a mission from the USA that helps piloting small planes to transport aid. They were bringing supplies to Les Cayes and they sell the empty seats for the return to us and to other 4 people.
We have many hours of waiting time at PAP's airport. Xavier is calling the doctor who took care of the baby at Le Cayes hospital and he is telling him that the baby had recovered and the parents took him home without wanting them to make further tests.

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